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Why increase power of your tractor

Today, it is difficult to find a tractor that is not equipped with an electronic engine control unit and a Common Rail fuel system. On the one hand, there may be concerns that such large complexity of new tractors can lead to more frequent failures, but on the other hand new opportunities arise that were previously not available for agricultural machinery

Tractor tuning is a service dedicated to people who want to improve their tractor performance at a relatively low cost.

professional power boost
Why increase power of your tractor
It consists of modifying certain parameters in the software of the engine control computer in such a way as to obtain more power and torque. This translates primarily to improving the conditions and comfort of tractor use. Greater power guarantees lower engine speeds, it improves gas pedal response, load change, and power reserve to keep the tractor running at a higher gear during intense work or when encountering an obstacle.



An in-depth diagnostic of the engine, its inspection and measurements at the PTO dynamometer are necessary to determine the technical condition of the tractor and the reserves left by the manufacturers. If the tractor passes all tests, you can modify the software.

Each new program is tested on a PTO dynamometer to verify power gain and torque. Such software adjusting can consist of several attempts.

They are carried out until the goals are reached. Once the tractor has been tuned, the customer receives a graph showing the combination of measured power and torque at the original settings and after the power has been increased.



First of all, we have to take into account that tractors manufacturers in order to diversify the offer must offer their customers tractors in at least several "power" versions. They are often identical engines that differ only in software on their computer.

The second issue is strict emission standards, which set requirements for the emission of harmful particles into the atmosphere. This translates largely to the unfavorable shape of the motor torque. The last important factor is that each manufacturer leaves quite a lot of reserve because it is difficult to determine the personality of the user and the conditions under which the tractor will work.



Farmers buying tractors from RDP had to deal with imposed limits, which in many cases did not allow them to choose a tractor with power that would be sufficient for all the work on the farm.

The second issue is the change or purchase of new agricultural machinery that requires more power. The farmer struggles with the problem of whether to buy a second stronger tractor or maybe try another solution in the form of electronic power boost, which is a fraction of the price of a new tractor.



We provide a 24 month service guarantee. We are a group of specialists dealing with power generation since 2005. During that time, we have modified hundreds of motors. We work on original tools from reputable European manufacturers. Our work is confirmed by measurements at the PTO dynamometer.

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